Sunday, June 23, 2013

Medifast and Low Carb

Down a total of 31.5 pounds.

After doing some research and experimentation I have found that if I eat a low carb, no sugar diet, I still lose a lot of weight.  I'm still eating the Medifast food, but for my "lean green" meal or if I want to take a day off, I can eat anything that is low carb, no sugar and still lose weight.  I also have a low carb, no sugar snack every once in a while.
Today is Sunday and I decided to eat a nice low carb breakfast.  Here is what I ate.
Two eggs with a little cheese, 4 slices of center cut bacon and 1 low carb sugar free coconut raspberry muffin.  You can find the muffin recipe here Coconut Raspberry Muffin .  I love this muffin, it's made with almond flour and swerve, no gluten or sugar and is low in carbs.  It is great for snack time.

I have been on many types of diets over the years.  Low fat was my favorite for many years, and while I can lose weight on a low fat diet, it is a very slow, 1-2 pounds a month, kind of weight loss. I was always hungry and tired.

There is a lot of new research coming out about sugar and its effect on your body.  After reading a lot of the anti-sugar information I am totally committed to removing most sugar from my diet.  That includes sugar in the form of carbs that come from bread, fruit, pasta etc.

With the low carb/no sugar diet I find that I consistently lose 2-3 pounds a week and I am losing weight from my waist much faster.  I love Swerve to replace sugar in my diet.  It has a good taste, is natural, and can be used for baking. The company also makes a powdered sugar form that is great for icing, frosting etc.

The Coconut Raspberry Muffin recipe above came from a blog that I found that is wonderful!  It has lots of low carb, low sugar recipes.  Here is a link All Day I Dream About Food.  I think I could be happy using just the recipes from this one blog for the rest of my days!

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