Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Weight Really Does Fall Off With Medifast

Total Weight Loss 24.5 pounds!

So I actually looked carefully at the scale today and discovered that I had lost another 10 pounds and not just the 5 that I originally thought.  I have a slight case of near-sightedness and realized that my scale is in 20 pound increments not 10 duh!  But also, Yay! 
I had been mystified at the baggy clothes hanging on my body but not sure as to how they could be baggy at just a small 5 pound loss.  So now I'm feeling really dumb!

I have discovered that I can still lose weight and eat a few extras on this diet.  As long as anything extra that I eat is very low carb or no carb.  I don't go crazy, but it really helps to be able to eat a few more things at meal time. By "things" I mean.  A slice or two of bacon with my eggs.  Or a slice of cheese on my burger (no bun on the burger). 

I bought two new flavors to mix with my Medifast Shakes,  Monin - Sugar Free Strawberry and Pomegranate.  This afternoon I tried the Strawberry mixed with the Mango Soft Serve, turned into a shake with some extra ice and water. Why soft serve?  because I have Hashimotos Thyroid Disease and am supposed to limit my soy intake.  The soft serve is made with Whey protein instead of soy.
It was pretty good!  Here is the recipe.

Medifast Mango Strawberry Soft Serve Shake

8oz Water
2 Tablespoons Monin Sugar Free Strawberry Syrup
1 Pkge Medifast Mango Soft Serve
1/2 C Ice

Blend in a small 16 - 20oz blender till smooth.

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